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Welcome to Aunty Jee 121 Muslim Shaadi Match

Assalamu Alaykum

As Muslims living in the UK, a question asked often by parents or by a single boy or girl themselves is; ‘Where and how can we find that ideal marriage partner?’.  While there are numerous services around which try to answer this question with suggestions like online sites (which unfortunately often get labelled as ‘dating’ sites if they are managed incorrectly) and asking friends and family about prospective matches.  At Aunty Jee 121 - Muslim Shaadi Match, we have investigated the different services offering various solutions and have come to the frank conclusion that while they can help some individuals, they don’t always work for everyone.  After extensive research and consulting hundreds of people, friends and families across the United Kingdom we decided that the best way forward and what most people wanted was a discrete, personal and unique 121 matchmaking service; either with or without parental involvement.

At Aunty Jee 121 - Muslim Shaadi Match, we understand just how daunting it is for both males and females to find that perfect match, someone with the same outlook and ambitions in life, ethics, principles and religious values.  We don’t believe you should have to settle for second best and we work with you to find the best match for you.  We have developed a highly sophisticated match making system that ensures you will be introduced to a match that fits your criteria and personal values.

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Success Stories

Thanks for the great service you provided I finally met my other half through Aunt Jee  MaashAllah and may Allah reward you for all your hard work..



Ameena from London

Just want to thank you for helping me find my marriage partner in a halal way MaashAllah!!

We’re engaged and will In Shaa Allah be getting married very soon!


Rehana from Leeds

Alhamdulillah I have just joined three weeks ago and I am in talks with someone and In Shaa Allah she will be the one for me.

Please keep us in your Duas

Imran from Manchester

Thank you for all your hard work in helping me find my husband through Aunty jee MaashAllah

I could not of asked for a better match. You provided a great service from start to finish. 


Naheed from Newcastle