We offer a unique 100% confidential bespoke match making service
A dedicated personal advisor to help you find your match
Regular 121 contact to ensure we are meeting your needs
This is not a dating service, but a halal way of finding your match
No pressure to join, call 07890 558 547 for more information.

About Us

Aunty Jee 121 has been officially established as a service for over 5 years but in reality our principal ‘Aunty Jee’ has been informally match-making for friends and family for over 15 years. ‘Aunty Jee’ has been gaining knowledge and experience from researching the working practices of many of the highly reputable companies offering services in this sector. However her most valuable experience has been acquired from life and dealing with people from all religious and cultural backgrounds, ethics and upbringing. It is this unique insight into peoples different beliefs and thoughts and her people skills which sets her apart from most of the companies offering match-making services.  Aunty Jee 121 – Muslim Shaadi Match understands what is needed for any successful matchmaking to occur, not only from the perspective of the couple but also from the perspective of the families.

A bespoke matchmaking process allows Aunty Jee 121 to take your needs and requirements for a potential partner, and find a perfect Muslim match for you. Aunty Jee 121 operates in the Greater Manchester area, but we do cover the whole of the UK and Scotland.  Our extensive database has a broad range of possible matches, we cater for all ages, castes and status (whether they are single, divorced, widow or widower).  We do carry out an extensive but confidential interview and screening process to ensure that all the information declared is correct and verifiable.

Aunty Jee 121 – Muslim Shaadi Match are proud of the fact that our reputation and clientele has been built on ‘word of mouth’ referrals rather than advertising campaigns. We have built up an enviable and solid reputation as a professional bespoke Muslim match-making service that guarantees regular good quality prospective matches, that suit individuals.

The process is simple, the first thing we do is get to know you and your requirements; so you will receive a personal call from one of our trained matchmakers who will go through a compatibility form with you.  Aunty Jee 121 will then look through our database for a suitable match that would be perfect for you from the information given on the forms but this is just the start of the process; the real match-making happens when we facilitate dialogue between the two parties. We understand that it is hard to get to know someone, that is why we work discretely and sensitively with both parties and ensure that we maintain regular contact with you to keep a watch on your progress.  If we feel at any stage that any one party has reservations of any kind and do not wish to pursue the introduction any further, we step in quickly and respectfully to maintain both parties reputations and avoid any embarrassment to anyone.

We do not provide an online ‘match-making’ service, this is through choice and we feel that our clientele appreciates our bespoke Muslim match-making service because of this, which is another reason why we are fast becoming the first choice for real hardworking Professional Muslim’s looking for their perfect marriage partner.

You can contact Aunty Jee 121 to discuss anything you like, sometimes it helps talking to someone who understands.  It is a confidential service.  Please appreciate this is not a dating service all our clients are 100% committed to marriage.

Call Aunty Jee 121 – Muslims Shaadi Match today on 07890 558 547  for a free consultation.